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Torchwood Fic Masterlist

Chaptered stories:

All That We See Or Seem – 11k words, rated T – complete
Summary: "Stop," the Rani cuts him off. "Ianto is my child, Doctor. You can check the Matrix if you're doubtful." Time Lord!Ianto
Parts: One, Two, Three, Four

and every color illuminates13k words, rated R – complete
Summary: Light and heat like a dying star, a long fall down into nothingness, and then Ianto is awake again. He comes to gasping, choking, fire burning in his blood and electricity arcing through each nerve. Pain—and he’s no stranger to it, not with Torchwood, but it still hurts and he’s supposed to be dead. CoE fix-it.
Parts: One, Two, Three,

The Art of Far and Near – 17k words, rated T – incomplete
Summary: Twelve steps to immortality: this is the pinnacle of alchemy, of all alchemists. Ianto has reached final goal, and all he feels is empty. Magic!AU
Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Ashes Series – 8k words, rated T – complete(ish?)
Summary: Sometimes lives are burned to ash. Those who survive have to pick up the pieces and move on. Some times are easier than others. For Ianto Jones, this is about as far from easy as it can get, but he's not alone anymore. Immortal!Ianto
Parts: Ashes, Rebuilding

Do not stand at my grave and weep – 20k words, rated NC-17 – complete
Summary: The 456 made a mistake when they threatened Earth's children - there was another force out there, older and far more powerful, that wanted those children protected. Ianto Jones awakens in the fairy world, charged with one task: safeguarding the Chosen Ones.
Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Heaven and Earth ‘verse – 15k words, rated T – incomplete
Summary: While still in the junior researcher position at Torchwood One, Ianto Jones and his unusual dæmon catch the attention of Torchwood Three's Captain Jack Harkness, and everything rearranges itself from there. Torchwood/His Dark Materials fusion.
Parts: More Things In Heaven and Earth, Horatio, Love Looks Not With the Eyes, But With the Mind, We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On, If We Shadows Have Offended, All the Souls That Were, The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strain’d, Cry Havoc, Come What Sorrow Can

here is the deepest secret nobody knows – 11k words, rated NC-17 – complete
Summary: Ianto closes his eyes in Thames House, lungs full of choking alien gas, and opens them in his sister’s house in Cardiff.
Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Ianto Jones and the Airship Pirates– 7k words, rated T – incomplete
Summary: Being a tale of misadventure, clockwork, and true love. (Steampunk!AU)
Parts: One

Impressions – 14k words, rated T – complete(ish?)
Summary: Ianto Jones is an unhappy, unwilling, and heartsick employee of Torchwood in the 24th century. Falling through the Rift and landing in 21st century Cardiff is a chance to start again. But once Torchwood, always Torchwood, especially when Captain Jack Harkness poses such an interesting temptation.
Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

Just Another Word (For Nothing Left to Lose) – 28k words, rated NC-17 – complete
Summary: Ianto's records—the ones Toshiko would have pulled when Jack asked her for a background check—show that he was a junior researcher assigned to a low-level science team. That's not entirely correct, but then, Mainframe always protects her own.
Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen

The Man in the Tower – 16k words, rated T – complete
Summary: Torchwood Tower Three is a place where Earth sends still-useful exiles: a Prime Talent, a technopath, and a biokinetic, drifting around in a station at the cross points of three universes and six galaxies. Then a man named Captain Jack Harkness falls through a tear between universes, and finds three very familiar faces on the other side.
Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Practical Villainy – 9k words, rated R – complete
Summary: Of superheroes, villains, dastardly plots, Jack calling himself Captain Charisma, and Ianto in leather trousers.
Parts: Pragmatic Villainy vs. Captain Superhero: A Study, On the Practical Applications of Villainy in Everyday Life

Storm Descending – 14k words, rated R – complete
Summary: "See anything?" Jack asks, and Ianto should, he's been a hunter for more than a thousand years, but he can't. It isn't time yet; Arthur still sleeps and their fates haven't converged. But soon. Very soon. (Crossover with Merlin)
Parts: One, Two, Three, Notes

Unfinished Business – 4k words, rated R – incomplete
Summary: Jack settles himself on the edge of his desk and smiles fondly. "That was Ianto," he tells Gwen. "Torchwood Three's ghost. He's been here since at least the 1800's. Can't leave."
Parts: One, Two


A Forever Thing – 4k words, rated NC-17
Summary: They call the first one the Naïvety Marriage, the second the Desperation Marriage, the third the Tequila Marriage. The fourth is the Insanity Marriage, where they both went in with their eyes wide open. Ianto swears they won't have a fifth, but there's always the possibility that one will finally be their forever thing. AU

A Good Many Family Trees Are Shady – 6.6k words, rated T
Summary: Or, five times Ianto Jones called Mycroft Holmes 'Tad', and one time Mycroft called Ianto 'Son.'

A Taste of Sky – 1.6k words, rated G
Summary: Ianto is waiting. It rather feels like he's always waiting, these days.

All the Weakness of the World – 1.3k words, rated G
Summary: In the wake of Jack's departure in The End of Days, Owen realizes that rebuilding the team is going to be a team effort. He starts with Ianto.

And Some With Traps – 2.1k words, rated T
Summary: For Ianto, there are two choices to be had: speak, or stay silent. Some days the choice is harder than others. Janto.

Angel On the Precipice (Flower On the Cliff Face) – 1.8k words, rated T
Summary: There are angels playing in the rain, far away at the edge of the horizon. More than anything, Ianto wants to join them.

As Far As the East Is From the West (I Am From You) – 3k words, rated T
Summary: “One more month and he would have been free. Now his wicked stepmother has taken him to her castle east of the sun and west of the moon, and you'll never get him back, Ianto.” A Torchwood retelling of East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

As good a place to fall as any – 1.3k words, rated T
Summary: Jack had once said that he wouldn't wish immortality like his on even his greatest enemy. But Ianto Jones was so, so much more.

break – 2k words, rated T
Summary: Ianto's throat burns with each scream. His arms and shoulders twinge and throb, and his eyes are blurred. He's not crying, doesn't want to: it's rage, at Jack and Owen and Gwen and Tosh, fury at himself for thinking that what he had had with Jack could ever be more than a matter of convenience.

Child, the darkness will rise from the deep – 3k words, rated T
Summary: Jack meets a fifteen-year-old Ianto Jones. But not the way one would expect.

Continue Firm and Constant – 1.4k words, rated T
Summary: After the events of Countrycide, Ianto and Tosh try to survive the night. It's not quite that simple, but it could be harder.

Convictions, Captains, and Cotton Candy – 2k words, rated G
Summary: After Jack leaves, Ianto is left to pull things together - both personally and for the team. But there's no doubt Jack will return. The only question is when.

The flower of sleep brings wakening to me – 1.8k words, rated T
Summary: The fairies keep watching, keep staring, and Ianto fights his instincts. The tree roots trapping his legs creak as they tighten, a sudden burst of pain flaring in what is probably a shattered ankle, and Ianto can't hold on any longer. His lips part in a sharp gasp, and petals fill his mouth like air.

For In That Sleep of Death What Dreams May Come – 1.2k words, rated T
Summary: The Hub is absolutely silent. There's something wrong about that, Ianto thinks, but it's a distant thought, vague and unfocused and gone before it really even registers.

give you my heart – 1.4k words, rated T
Summary: Ianto's heart rests in a small, tightly locked box in the same cupboard as his tea. It is battered and worn, but strong.

Golden Apples and Norse Gods (Or, How Ianto Got His Groove Back) – 3.2k words, rated T
Summary: Ianto finds himself back from the dead and, apparently, in the employ of a power-crazed Norse god intent on conquering the Earth by taking out a team of superheroes. Must be a Tuesday.

Hearts (Silver and Gold) – 1.2k words, rated T
Summary: There are, by all accounts, three types of hearts in the world: iron, glass, and silver. Every person, of the billions that populate the Earth, has one of three kinds of heart. But all the accounts don't actually account for everything. There's a fourth kind of heart out there, for all that it's unspeakably rare.

Hostile Takeover – 1.4k words, rated T
Summary: Ianto has a new pet, and Jack is waging a desperate war.

The Hour of the Wolf – 1.4k words, rated NC-17
Summary: Jack's hands, broad and calloused. Ianto's seen them hold a gun, wrestle down a Weevil, but he's also seen them cradling some delicate piece of equipment. They'd feel good on Ianto's skin, the calluses rough but the touch soft.

Imperfections – 1.6k words, rated NC-17
Summary: At times when he's feeling especially poetic, Ianto thinks that those imperfect stones might make an alarmingly perfect metaphor for his relationship with Jack. Now with bonus fix-it!

Love Songs Never Spoken – 2.5k words, rated T
Summary: Five steps down, and then there's no way to turn back. Love is a many-splendored thing, but it’s rarely simple, and never easy.

Memories, black and white, hide behind the glass – 1.5k words, rated T
Summary: Ianto never dreams, not for himself. He only sees the others' dreams, their castles in the sky.

Nomen Animam Meam – 2.5k words, rated T
Summary: Some say soul mate. Some say other half. Really, it's all the same to Ianto, even as a child. Someone who will be with me forever, he thinks when he is nine, and the smear on his hand is finally starting to separate into recognizable letters. Someone who will understand.

The Safest Road to Hell – 1.4k words, rated T
Summary: Ianto stares down at his hands as he sits on the bed, Jack humming happily in the bathroom, and wonders. Refuses to wonder. But he can't help himself. He's human. Or he used to be.

Shovel Talk – 2k words, rated T
Summary: Two people Owen wouldn't shag upon meeting in a bar, one he would, and one he'd spend forever with.

Starfall – 3k words, rated T
Summary: Ianto is seven the first time he catches a falling star.

Temporarily Waylaid in the World of the XX – 1.5k words, rated T
Summary: Ianto hates the entire world with a passion, and he's beginning to see that the feeling is most definitely mutual.

There Is No Use For a Key With No Lock – 2.1k words, rated T
Summary: Ianto is dead and Jack is left behind with only a promise to remember him and a key to the vault where is body is stored. But not everything is as it seems, and even when a person locks his or her heart away, someone else usually has the key.

Threadfall at Torchwood Weyr – .9k words, rated T
Summary: Torchwood Weyr prepares for Threadfall. Short, borderline crack: a Torchwood/Dragonriders of Pern fusion-fic.

Time is dead here (touch the clocks and never start them) – 1.5k words, rated T
Summary: It starts slowly, a whisper here, a footstep there. Jack walks through the carcass of the Hub and hears the clatter of computer keys, the clank of equipment in the autopsy bay, the tread of fine leather shoes upon the stairs.

Until the Moonlight Fades – 1.4k words, rated T
Summary: When Ianto loves, he does so with his whole heart. There's no need for him to say the words—sometimes, actions speak loudest of all.

We Should Meet In Air – 3.7k words, rated T
Summary: Five times Tosh and Ianto talked, and one time they didn't have to. Series two fix-it.

Other Fandoms:

Black King Takes White KnightLeverage - 3k words, rated T
Summary: Nate's been running a con for a while now - on his crew and on himself. But sometimes the con can become the reality. Slight slash, team!fic.

Gravity, Gibbs, and Other Facts of the UniverseNCIS – 1.3k words, rated T
Summary: Tony faces a stark reminder of Gibbs's mortality when a case goes wrong. But one thing about Gibbs is that he always comes back.

The King, the Knight, and the RookLeverage – 3.2k words, rated T
Summary: Companion piece to Black King Takes White Knight. Eliot has to wonder if Nate has ever met a problem he can't solve. Slight slash, team!fic.

Places of RefugeStarTrek: TOS – 2.3k words, rated T
Summary: After the encounter with the Vians, Leonard is suffering from a sleepless night. There's always a refuge to be had, though, even if it's not the expected one. K/S/M

Seeing vs ObservingSherlock – 1.8k words, rated T
Summary: For a kink meme prompt: I'd love to see a take on Watson's limp as a real and severe injury. Amputee!Watson makes a disturbing amount of sense in the context of his service. He's gotten fluid enough that people don't recognize it immediately. How do they find out?

Something Good to Die For (To Make It Beautiful to Live)Avengers – 4.1k words, rated T
Summary: Six people Tony thought Yinsen would have liked, and one person Yinsen really did. For a kink meme prompt.

WaltzHarry Potter – 4k words, rated T
Summary: The beat of three carries on. One two three for the tick of the grandfather clock in the hush. One two three and their hearts are finally restarting after years of silent stillness. It is a dance that neither can resist.

With mounting beat the utter fireFullmetal Alchemist – 2.7k words, rated T
Summary: It was a lonely life, and a boring life, but Ed could not bring himself to change it. And it was there, in that lonely, boring world he had created for himself, that Roy Mustang found him once more. Post-series.


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