April 24th, 2015

Orochimaru is awesome. And broken. Discuss:

Ramble time! A couple of people have commented (negatively) on my characterization of Orochimaru, as I tend to write him more sympathetic than most, so I wanted to get something out there that reflected how I see everyone’s favorite snake bastard. He’s fascinating, from what few half-seen glimpses we have of his past. So you have this little boy obsessed with seeing his parents again, who half the shinobi in the village see as some sort of “incarnation of evil” to paraphrase big-scary-mofo Ibiki, who admits to trembling in his boots whenever Orochimaru walked past him. They don’t hide it, either, that they're terrified of/horrified by/repulsed by this kid/shinobi/weapon. And at the same time you’ve got a prodigy, someone so ridiculously good at killing things that it makes his own teacher wary of him, and also ridiculously good at breaking people down into their component parts, either scientifically or psychologically. But it’s fine, because this killer/prodigy/lost little boy has a team, and through that team he’s got at least some connection to humanity. Through Tsunade, mostly, because she has Nawaki and then Dan, and that’s good. Orochimaru knows them, accepts them, lets himself care for them.

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